Photo Ready Level 2 Background Checks - Livescan Fingerprinting

No Registration or Appointment Needed  -  Walk In  -  Bring Drivers License

Employer, you may send your potential employees directly to us for fingerprinting or we can send a fingerprint technician directly to your site. (Minimum—Group of 10)


(1) Send Walk-ins (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm), OR

(2) Call for an appointment for employee

Optional Steps

(1)   PRINT Receipt Form & give to employee - to be returned to you after screening.

(2)   PRINT Fingerprinting Applicant Registration & give to your employee to bring in, OR

(3)   Have your employee complete the Fingerprinting Applicant Registration Online

(4)   Visit website &

      (a) Schedule appointment & pay for AHCA/DOH Level 2 Screening

      (b) Schedule appointment & pay for DCF Level 2 Screening

      (c) Schedule appointment & pay for ALL OTHER Level 2 Background Checks

            (Except AHCA/DOH/DCF), OR

(5)   Visit website &

       (a) Pay online for AHCA/DOH Level 2 Background Checks        

       (b) Pay online for DCF Level 2 Background Checks

       (c) Pay online for ALL Level 2 Background Checks (Except AHCA/DOH/DCF)

(6)   You may set up a business account with us

(7)  You may pay by cash, money orders, credit/debit cards, and in some cases,

      company checks. (Company checks are pre-approved)

(8)  Employee will need a government issued photo ID such as a drivers' license,

      passport, alien registration card, or military ID