Photo Ready Level 2 Background Checks - Livescan Fingerprinting

No Registration or Appointment Needed - Walk In - Bring Drivers License

Employer, you may send your potential employees directly to us for fingerprinting or we can send a fingerprint technician directly to your site. (Minimum—Group of 10)


(1) Send Walk-ins (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm), OR

(2) Call for an appointment for employee

Optional Steps

(1)   Print Receipt Form & give to employee - to be returned to you after screening.

(2)   Print Fingerprinting Applicant Registration & give to your employee to bring in, OR

(3)   Have your employee complete the Fingerprinting Applicant Registration Online

(4)   Visit website &

      (a) Schedule appointment & pay for AHCA/DOH Level 2 Screening

      (b) Schedule appointment & pay for ALL OTHER Level 2 Background Checks

           (Except AHCA/DOH/Healthcare-related), OR

(5)   Visit website &

       (a) Pay online for AHCA/DOH Level 2 Background Checks        

       (b) Pay online for ALL Level 2 Background Checks (Except AHCA/DOH/


(6)   You may set up a business account with us

(7)  You may pay by cash, money orders, credit/debit cards, and in some cases,

      company checks. (Company checks are pre-approved)

(8)  Employee will need a government issued photo ID such as a drivers' license,

      passport, alien registration card, or military ID



TIP # 16A01-02 
DATE ISSUED: March 2, 2016

Fingerprinting Services Are Now Taxable

Florida law imposes sales and use tax on Fingerprint services listed under NAICS National Numbers 561611… This service is taxable under section 212.05(1)(i), Florida Statutes.